We strive to provide a fantastic support service. We stand behind every one of our products, and never write off a product as unsupported. We have confidence in each of our products and we hope to show you that. Feel free to obtain any support from us either by using the form or emailing directly to the following email addresses. We appreciate all comments, criticisms, praise and bug reports.

Email Support

Please send all support email and queries to Dustin.

Contact Us Now

You can also fill out this form and click send. Below is also a list of each email type.

  • Bug Reports: Email concerning errors in execution of any program. Please be as detailed as possible when sending these reports, so we can fix the problem faster.
  • Feature Requests: Have a great idea for a new feature in one of our apps? Drop us a line and tell us all about it.
  • Translations: Care to translate an application into a language you speak? Email us here.
  • Other Emails: Anything else. Just say hi.

Email Address:

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