QuickTunes 2.3.0

This application places the currently playing track name and artist in the menubar. QuickTunes also includes a customizeable floating window along with user-defined hotkeys to control iTunes.
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DiggUpdate 2.6

DiggUpdate gives you quick access to the front page stories of www.digg.com in your Mac OS X menu-bar. DiggUpdate is now available for Windows.
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Todos 1.0

An attractively simple way to expand your dock to your entire hard drive. Todos presents all your applications in a simple window and becomes a easy to use launcher.
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10 Seconds With Tyler Durden

10 Seconds With Tyler Durden 1.5

Every ten minutes Tyler or one of his friends will fade onto your monitor and give you a quick bit of advice.
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Boink 3.0.0

Boink is a combined version of the latest version of QuickTunes as well as specialized interactive functions for the SonicSwap website.
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iTunes Time Listened

This AppleScript Collection contains 4 scripts that will calculate how much time you have spent listening to your music. There are four different ways to customize the calculation.
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iTunes Info to iChat

This AppleScript collection contains three scripts. One will set your iChat message to the current song you are listening to. Another will do the same, but will display that you are listening to nothing if you are listening to a song you don't want your friends to know that you are listening to it along with a script that will help you assign which songs should not be displayed.
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