About OpenSoft

OpenSoft was founded on July 13th 2004 with Dustin Bachrach's first program: QuickTunes. OpenSoft strives to deliver the best freeware applications with 100% of the source code included. This allows for users to customize the experience and contribute to the whole community. OpenSoft encourages all users to modify the code and expand it. OpenSoft is a growing community and any programmers interested in joining the team are always welcome.

OpenSoft promises you to a great selection of applications that work. You will always get source code. Promised.

Contact OpenSoft

You can contact OpenSoft with any customer support question and we will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours. If you are reporting bugs, please include a description of your specific computer system. You may contact us through this form, or view the support section.

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