Right Where You Need It

QuickTunes allows you to view the currently playing song and artist with just a quick glance at your menu-bar. Why move your mouse to the iTunes icon, click, wait for iTunes to appear, check the screen, minimize iTunes, return to work? With QuickTunes 2 you get the information you want, right where you need it. QuickTunes 2 also offers a fast iTunes controller in the menu. Access common features such as play, pause, next track, previous track, but also items such as Play By Another Artist and ratings. QuickTunes 2 allows you to use iTunes the easy way.

Show Your Colors

With the introduction of QuickTunes 2, you now can access a fast, colorful floating window. This window will display all track information as well as your basic iTunes controls. You can choose to change all the aspects of the window, such as transparency and screen placement just to name a few. You can choose to have the window displayed always, or perhaps only when the song changes. Also included are 6 delicious colors for you to choose for your floating window.

One-Touch Access

The most time saving feature of QuickTunes is surely the one-touch access. Has iTunes ever started playing a song you really did not want to hear? Have you ever needed to pause your music quickly? Well now instead of dragging your mouse to the dock and choosing these in iTunes itself you can simply press a customizable keyboard shortcut in any application to perform all of QuickTunes functions. Once you use it, you can't live with out one-touch access.

Your Own Announcer

When you listen to the radio, the DJ will say the name of the song and then play it. Why can't your computer do that too? Well now it can. With QuickTunes 2 you can easily have your computer speak the name of the song and artist to you before the song begins.

Fits To You

At OpenSoft we believe that the computer experience should be enjoyed, and that means the way you want to enjoy it not the way we want to enjoy it. Because of that, we offer a vast array of customizable options in QuickTunes. Floating Window, Hotkeys, Menubar, all can be configured to your liking. QuickTunes 2 molds to you. Start working the way you want to.



What's New in 2.3.0

  • The Open Floating Window menu item now changes it's text and function based on whether the window is open or not.
  • Default hotkey for Play/Pause changed to control-command-space to resolve conflict with Spotlight.
  • Now receives notifications from iTunes for song changes (instead of polling).
  • Reduces idle CPU usage to 0% (Major enhancement in performance)
  • Added other icons to QuickTunes menu for visual improvement.
  • Other minor enhancements in performance.
  • Minor bug fixes.


Source Code

QuickTunes is distributed under the GNU GPL (General Public License). You can download a copy of the source code here.


System Requirements

  • iTunes 4.7+
  • Mac OS 10.3+
  • QuickTunes is a Universal Application


Support & Contribute

  • If you have an idea or suggestion please click here.
  • If you would like to translate QuickTunes please click here.
  • If you have found a bug please click here.


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