The Digg You Know

DiggUpdate will instantly inform you of new Digg stories that hit the front page. Whenever a new item is dugg to the front, a window will roll down from your menu-bar (resembling itself) and pleasantly inform you of new tech news. If multiple stories are found at the same time, DiggUpdate will compile the stories into one window to reduce clutter. Simply click left and right on the arrows to browse through all the new stories. DiggUpdate's Classic View truly brings the experience to your Mac's menu-bar.
Digg Classic Window

The Slim Digg

Tight on screen real estate? DiggUpdate's Slim-Window will bring news to your Mac in the most condense form possible. Each story will display its title, along with a small icon of the poster and the number of diggs. Multiple stories will stack for easy viewing, and a simple clear all button will dismiss all new stories. If you just want to read a story and be done with it, DiggUpdate makes your life easeir. Stories simply pop up and then a few seconds later fade away. No more individual closing. The slim-view provides all of in the absolutely smallest but attractive way yet.
Digg Slim Window

Yea, it Growls.

You decide. It's up to you. Do you like the slim window, or maybe you like the classic view, or maybe you just love Growl. DiggUpdate supports it all. You choose how you want your digg stories presented. Growl is a Mac OS X utiliity that provides for user messaging on a OS scale. DiggUpdate is fully compatible with Growl.
Digg Growl Window

Drop-Down News

Do not forget that DiggUpdate still provides a great drop-down menu to provide all current activity on digg; however, look for a vastly expanded and improved experience when using it. New stories will now be represented by a yellow box while old stories are distinguished by the gray box to the left. The menu-bar will also present the number of diggs each story has right alongside the title. Although you can always find the new stories through the two Digg Windows, donŐt forget the fully functional DiggUpdate menu-bar with the last stories just in case you forgot a story (or accidentally closed it without reading).
Digg Menu

Digg Your Friends

Tired of just reading about front page stories? DiggUpdate 2.0 releases the new and fully-functional friends feature. Each of the above tools also displays the latest activity by your friends. Imagine sitting down and suddenly in the top right of your screen, a Classic Digg Window scrolls down informing you that seconds ago, your friend Matt dugg a story about how Apple is going to release new 160 Gb touch-screen video iPods. Or how about, suddenly a small green Slim Digg Window shows up on your 12 inch Powerbook about how your friend Jane submitted a story about a new version of Google Earth? Or how about when you click on your highlighted yellow DiggUpdate menu-bar, you are greeted with a story that tells you of the release of DiggUpdate 2.0 dugg by your friend Will? DiggUpdate lets you stay in touch with your friends in the absolute quickest way possible.
Digg Your Friends

Change the Way You Digg

Everyone likes things his or her own way. Software should be the same way. DiggUpdate lets you customize all the aspects to just the way you want. You can choose to display 8 front page stories and 3 friends stories and a 2 minute refresh rate. You can choose to use the Digg Classic Window that opens extremely quick and with a 70% opacity. Everything is just the way you want and only takes a few seconds to customize.
Digg Preferences


If by now you still do not know what is. The best description we can give is that Digg is a community based news site where users choose what stories should be promoted. And with that, go on and check out

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