I've picked out some of my favorite posts from everything I've written. I think this is my best work, and there's a lot of good information here. This is a good place to start if you're new to the blog. If you like what you see here, don't forget to add this to your RSS reader.

The List

Program Global Hotkeys in Cocoa Easily
Explanation of how to create hotkeys for better Mac integration.
A Cool CSS Effect - Dashboard
Learn how to create edit-on-click inputs for your HTML.
Create flickr-like Editing Fields Using AJAX & CSS
Learn how to create edit-on-click inputs for your HTML.
Spotlight-Like Search As You Type With CSS, AJAX & JS
Learn how to create search fields that dynamically update as you type.
Finishing and Packaging your Program
A simple tutorial on how to package your app inside a dmg.
Christmas is coming; Got a Gift?
Simple InDesign tutorial to make calendars.
The Best Unknown Mac Apps 1
This is a great list of mac apps you probably haven't heard of.
The Best Unknown Mac Apps 2
Part 2.
The Best Unknown Mac Apps 3
Part 3.
Skitch: The Blogger/Flickrer/Emailer's Dream App
Review of Plasq's new great app.
CML & The Importance of Documentation
Discusses why documentation is critical in programming.
At 18 You Become a Capable Programmer
Article about how age plays little importance in programming.
Low-Budget Movie Making, An Intro
Short intro to film and some great movies.
Stop, allinurl index.php?page=, It Doesn't Work!
How to keep your sites safe from hackers.
SubEthaEdit now costs $$$, My Thoughts
Article about how to combine open-source with commercial software.