Dustin BachrachWho am I, and what I like

Hello. I'm a sophomore at Rice University in Houston, Texas. I work mainly in Computer Science and graphics design, and that's usually what I blog about. I develop and write software for the Mac platform. My open-source software site, OpenSoft, displays many of my Mac programs. The programs I've made are: Todos, DiggUpdate, QuickTunes, 10 Seconds With Tyler Durden, and Boink (Consulting work). The first 3 apps have each been mentioned in a mac magazine: MacAddict (English), UniversMac (French), and MacFan (Japanase). I also enjoy photography quite a bit. I have a Flickr Pro account, and you can see all my photos there. I'm also interested a lot in film. I'm currently finishing a comedy with a few friends that we intend on shooting really soon. Sidenote: Starbucks is great for writing. That's a short explination of what I like. I also dig games, movies and TV, but I blog less about those and more about computer, web, and design. If you'd like to chat, head over to the contact page.

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