PowwebI transitioned from Powweb to MediaTemple BUY Naltrexone ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, over the last few days. Fort Worth, Texas. Denver, Colorado, I moved to MediaTemple mainly for a more reliable server, more professional hosting, buy Naltrexone without prescription, Naltrexone snort, alcohol iteraction, better speeds, and to handle many domains in a better manner (plus the awesome control panel helped convinced me), 400mg, 450mg. Naltrexone in cats, dogs, children, I had really enjoyed my stay with Powweb, but it was just growing pains and time to move, Naltrexone 250mg. Købe Naltrexone online, αγοράζουν online Naltrexone, I had planned to write a very nice review about Powweb and talk about my move to (mt), but I just had a less than satisfactory experience with Powweb today, buy Naltrexone without a prescription. Naltrexone 800mg, 875mg, 900mg, Powweb allows you to sign up with a credit card and have it auto-renew. There is not an option in the control panel to disable auto-renewal, BUY Naltrexone ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Once I had all my files transferred over to (mt) servers, buy no prescription Naltrexone online, Jacksonville, Florida, Columbus, Ohio, I wanted to cancel my Powweb account. They make you talk to support to cancel your account, online buy Naltrexone without a prescription, Naltrexone 50mg, which entails the annoying questions like "why are you leaving?" and just the general hassle. I understand that though, order Naltrexone online c.o.d. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Phoenix, Arizona, They want one last chance to convince you not to leave. BUY Naltrexone ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, I spoke with an agent named Hannah. I was very friendly and gave them a list of things that they could do to improve there services, Naltrexone for sale. Canada, mexico, india, I then asked for her to cancel my account so it does not auto-renew. After a few moments, buy Naltrexone from mexico, Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee. Portland, Oregon, she said my account would be cancelled in a couple of days, and I would receive an email about the confirmation, where can i buy cheapest Naltrexone online. Buy Naltrexone no prescription, That email never came. I just assumed that it must have not managed to get to my email account, BUY Naltrexone ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. I logged in today to my Powweb account to see if there was any notice on my Powweb account of cancellation, where can i buy Naltrexone online. Purchase Naltrexone online no prescription, There was nothing.

I decided to chat with the support team just to confirm that my account was cancelled, Naltrexone 150mg. Naltrexone pharmacy, To my shock, it had not been, acheter en ligne Naltrexone, acheter Naltrexone bon marché. BUY Naltrexone ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, I asked the new agent whether there was a record of my conversation with Hannah. Japan, craiglist, ebay, hcl, He said yes, but my account was not scheduled to be cancelled, Boston, Massachusetts. Charlotte, Carolina. Farmacia Naltrexone baratos, Naltrexone online kaufen, If I had not checked in that day, my account would have been auto-renewed, Naltrexone withdrawal, and I would have no proof that I had asked for a cancellation.

The thing was, that my experience with the new agent was not much better. It was a pain to get him to understand that I wanted to cancel my account. Finally, I got him to cancel my service and send a confirmation notice, BUY Naltrexone ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

I really enjoyed my hosting time with Powweb, but this has really soured the experience. It's unacceptable to tell a customer their account is cancelled and they will not be billed, and then leave them to discover a line on their credit card for a charge from Powweb they thought they had cancelled.

I hope to leave this as a warning for other Powweb customers wishing to cancel their accounts. Make sure it really is cancelled. You don't want an unexpected charge to creep up on you just because Powweb support didn't do its job.

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  • Brian M.

    I used to sing the praises of Powweb, but in the last couple of months, they’ve gone into PASSWORD RESET LUNACY. I’ve spent hours and hours trying to find a suitable combination of passwords for my FTP utility, OPS control panel, and MySQL administration, plus when you try to install anything that requires an email as part of the installation process, unless that email password meets the ultra-strict criteria it won’t even have a chance to complete the installation. Then, you have the situation where you finally get one to work, but the FTP or Database won’t take the special characters. It’s a nightmare.

    Then you have forum moderators like Doc C, who tell people if they don’t like it to go search greener pastures, or they shouldn’t expect to do mission critical work on a shared hosting account. He’s a typical smart assed weenie that hides behind his virtual wall. Probably some spoiled brat video game junkie.

    That said, I’ll take the advise and leave Powweb. I’ll also take my 12 clients that I do websites for with me.

    I have better things to do than spend the better part of my week changing a bunch of passwords. Powweb officially sucks in my opinion. I encourage others to put them out of business by leaving.

  • Ron

    I feel your pain. I have been a powweb customer for many years.
    They claim to provide 'unlimited' disk space and bandwidth. However, yesterday I received an email stating that I was using too much disk space (?) and that my account would be suspended within 3 days if I didn't reduce the space.
    The email claimed that I was using my PowWeb account for 'archival purposes'. This is patently false. I serve up a lot of video and audio content. These are recordings taken at my church. This are not backup storage.
    Several years ago PowWeb claimed that my account could use 30G storage. Last year it claimed 300G. Now they say 'unlimited', but it seems like I am allowed to use less now than before. This is probably illegal. At best it is misleading and unethical.
    I called their technical support to discuss this, and was told that I needed to reduce the amount of disk space. When I asked what the 'real' limit is, I was told that they cannot tell me that. I was advised to remove a bunch of files, and hope that it was enough that they wouldn't suspend my account. I asked if I could at least have until after next weekend, since this was a part-time effort for me and I had to work during the week, and I was told “no”. My account would be suspended on Friday (in 2 days) if I didn't remove some unspecified number of files.
    This is not the sort of company that I would choose to do business with. I am in the process of locating and switching to another hosting company. I'll check out mt. Thanks.

  • Dennis Nillson

    Our association have been a satisfied Powweb customer since 2002, but lately they changed their customers policy to be misleading and unethical.

    The “UNLIMITED bandwidth and UNLIMITED webspace” isn't UNLIMITED like they are stating in their advertisment.

    If you sign with them it shouldn't take long time before you recieve a warning mail:
    “Hosting space … is limited to Web files, e-mail and content of the hosted Web sites, not for storage of media and other data. Hosting space may not be used as offsite storage for electronic files or for third party electronic mail or FTP hosts.”

    Powweb is getting bad reviews on their new policy;…

    I'll advise to not use Powweb. We are in the process of switching to another hosting company

  • Vps Hosting

    Thanks for sharing your experience with Powweb.. Anyway for me I think it is more reliable if we choose Vps Hosting rather than a dedicated hosting.

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