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  • Pierro

    you luckier – looking damnit hot !!!
    my envy :)

  • Travis

    I’m surprised you liked it so much, I messed with one the day they came out, and then was by an AT&T store today and popped in to check it out again. It is definitely a nice device, and some of the stuff is very cool, but I will still much rather have a very simple phone, that is a phone and an OSX running touch screen iPod w/ a hard-drive (my biggest complaint) in the other. Plus my thumbs are entirely too big for that keyboard, I don’t stand a chance without using a single index finger and that would render one handed/no look texting impossible. Plus I think it is overpriced.

  • Kenny

    Wow, I had no idea it rendered web pages so well. Looks great, but the frugal side of me is saying ‘no’.

  • Lucy


    well, you wrote it of course. just to clarify that. but i typed it.

    yess, that’s why it’s so beautiful. :]]