BUY Cystone ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Right now, blogs are still in their infancy. Look back just a few years. It was just a handful of the population. They were relatively useless and basically brushed off, New York. Los Angeles, California. Now we have large companies backing blogs (see Google's Blogger). We have solid, open-source, "poeticly-coded" software like WordPress, BUY Cystone ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Blogs also are increasing in prestige and reliability. Order Cystone online overnight delivery no prescription, It's not hard to see bloggers make appearances on or in conventional media outlets. I see Arianna Huffington (from The Huffington Post) on Countdown all the time. The entire industry is changing, but we have a long way to go.

What we'll be stepping towards in the future is something I'm un-cleverly going to refer to as Blog Networking, order Cystone from mexican pharmacy. BUY Cystone ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Let's talk a bit about what sort of networking tools we have right now. First, we, Cystone 800mg, 875mg, 900mg, of course, have Technorati. This is definitely a step in the right direction. I can see all the blogs that are linking in to me, purchase Cystone online no prescription. I can also search on keywords. It's truly the best blog directory site out there, BUY Cystone ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Current downsides: Still not full market adoption. San Diego, California. Dallas, Texas. San Antonio, Texas, Some blogs are not on there. Pinging still is not perfect. It's good, but we will want to improve this.

Other sites, buy Cystone from mexico, MyBlogLog. BUY Cystone ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, This site is odd. I like using it, Buy Cystone without a prescription, but I'm still not convinced it serves any purpose as of yet. One thing I like is keeping a reader community. People can join your blog community and interact. We'll return to this idea shortly.


I also want to point out sites like CoComment, Cystone 1000mg, 2000mg. These sites offer the ability to track your comments on all the sites you visit, BUY Cystone ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. This is what we will really be talking about. This is where the blogosphere is headed. Cystone 75mg, A compilation between comment-tracking, Technorati, and MyBlogLog.

So what do I picture, Cystone price. BUY Cystone ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, I picture something that behaves like this. All personal blogs (like this one, but not like TechCrunch or TUAW, Chicago, Illinois. Houston, Texas, etc) are not just blogs but the person themselves. For instance, the URL does not just represent this blog but me, Dustin Bachrach, købe Cystone online, αγοράζουν online Cystone. This is very derivative of OpenID. The URL is then a more general expression of the person rather than the physical markup (the blog content). So picture an OpenID-like network, decentralized, across the entire blogosphere, BUY Cystone ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Cystone snort, alcohol iteraction, We are basically there. Everyone's personal blog is an identifier for themselves, we just have not utilized it nor created an authentication system for it.


So why would we want an OpenID-like structure for the blogosphere. When I go to another blog, Boston, Massachusetts. Charlotte, Carolina, and I leave a comment, I fill out a form. Buy Cystone online cod, On WordPress, this form includes name, email, and URL, Cystone 50mg. BUY Cystone ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, What I picture is that I will type in my URL. And then I would click an authenticate button, and I would be able to prove that I am in fact Dustin Bachrach. Chicago, Illinois. Houston, Texas, I can then type a comment, and it would be posted onto that blog entry. Here's where it starts to get interesting. My server, Cystone 200mg, the one that served the authentication request, now knows that I just commented on someone's blog. It can then go and pick up my comment, the ones before it, and the comments posted in the future, BUY Cystone ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Austin, Texas, Memphis, Tennessee, There is so much power here. Now say I'm at the WordPress dashboard getting ready to write a new post. I see in the sidebar that someone's made another comment on a comment I've made over on a different blog. I can easily go and read up on other people's thoughts.

This also let's me keep a storage and archive of all the comments I've made across the web, where can i buy cheapest Cystone online. BUY Cystone ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, And it's very efficient. No need for central databases that store this info. I can store the data myself. Buy Cystone from canada, Let's keep going. What else can we do. I can now show a list of the last comments I've made across the web in my own blog sidebar, BUY Cystone ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. We are now starting to recreate blog rolls. Blogs I read, buy cheap Cystone no rx, I will typically comment on. Thus the tracking of comments shows which blogs I like the most. Cystone withdrawal, If we incorporate MyBlogLog functionality, like tracking who's been to blogs based on page hits instead of commenting, we can aggregate the data to get a better understanding of what I like to read and where I like to read.

We are now starting to stretch these little lines across the web. BUY Cystone ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Little links from a comment I made over on this site can link back to me personally and then also my entire list of comments. Say the author of the post that I commented on wants to read through the comments people have written, Baltimore, Maryland. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He sees I wrote something that he agrees with. He can now click my name and instantly be brought to my blog, Buy Cystone without a prescription, or my vCard, or my blogroll, or my comments all over the web. He can easily read any comments I've made.

Are you starting to see the social networking that is developing from this, Cystone 100mg. We can start cross-referencing blogging habits and we can even start to judge popularity of bloggers or specific posts, BUY Cystone ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. We can start implementing better track-back facilities to inform bloggers when stories about them are written without the centralization of Technorati. Ever look at the number of links you get on Technorati and then compare it to the number of track-backs your post actually gets. Cystone 250mg, Track-backs are missing so many posts. With a better pinging and notifying utilities, when a blogger writes a post, we can go through and auto notify all the websites we reference, Detroit, Michigan, San Jose, California. BUY Cystone ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, These are more little lines being drawn between blogs. More social networking is emerging. When a blogger links to another blogger, Purchase Cystone online, we can now also provide them with vCard info, previous comments on this blog, previous comments on the entire web, most popular blog posts, etc. The list goes on. There are so many possibilities.


And in truth we are very close. We already have these link-backs in place, BUY Cystone ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. They just are not fully utilized. We have stable ideas/technologies like RSS and permalinks and soon better OpenID integration. What I'm talking about is not revolutionary, just the next evolution, as we progress towards decentralizing blog tracking options and allow individual blogs to do the networking for themselves. A lot of these features are very exciting, and the only thing holding us back from creating a better blogosphere is adoption. BUY Cystone ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, New technologies like this won't catch on unless everyone uses them. We need to start fully supporting things like OpenID, and soon, who knows, you might be browsing all comments by a certain one of your readers who frequents your site once a week and who likes blog x, blog y, and blog z, and has linked to you 7 times. This is just the start, and where we will head, we don't know. But I'm very excited.

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