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The pagination at the bottom is cool, and I think something that should be built right into WordPress. It's so much easier to scroll through page numbers than to go through "Older Posts" and "Newer Posts."

One last change, BUY Yashtimadhu ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. The front page now only shows excerpts of the post instead of the whole post, which speeds up page display (no large images) and condenses content so you can pick through what you want to read easily.

Basically, what I wanted was something fresh, simple, and elegant. I wanted something fast and small for the quickest load times. I hope I got what I wanted and what you, as readers, want. If you have any comments or suggestions or bugs, please post in the comments. I love your feedback.

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  • luxuryluke

    Nice work, man. I’ll be browzin ur site, diggin ur stuffz!

  • http://none Matt Myers

    I quite agree son.

  • Chris Messina

    Like it, but your link blue and your header blue are different… the text column is also too wide and you need more line-height!

    Otherwise, big improvement!

  • Dustin Bachrach

    Chris, the line-height was the problem I was noticing but couldn’t define. I just set them to 150%. Thanks

  • Michael Goldstein

    Nice stuff.

  • will t

    “I wanted it to be free, so the background is an elegant white without any division for the content.”

    I knew you were a white supremacist at heart, Dustin.

  • pierro

    Holy Moly;
    How can i write it in English (im from Germany): except.
    so damnit; what a nice Theme :)

  • Henry

    Wow, very nice work, Dustin. I really like the design.