PackagingThis was a tutorial I published July 20th 2005 over on the developer section of OpenSoft BUY Prograf ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, . I'm reposting it here, because I liked this tutorial and I'm migrating all of my tutorials over to the blog, Detroit, Michigan, San Jose, California. If you haven't read this, Boston, Massachusetts. Charlotte, Carolina, it's a really useful tutorial for any developer. It's also useful for any mac user. Enjoy, buy Prograf online no prescription.


This tutorial is designed for those of you who are just breaking into the business of programming for the Mac, BUY Prograf ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. I’m going to explain how to take your completed app and package it for the World Wide Web. Rx free Prograf, I assume that you have written a functioning app and you are ready to distribute it. A few sections are specific to Xcode so if you are using a different IDE you can skip ahead to the later sections.

You're Finished, but Wait

So you just completed that cool program, Prograf 150mg, and you think its ready. Prograf 50mg, Well perhaps it is, but we want to make sure that all your loose ends are tied up and that we provide the user a perfect product. BUY Prograf ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Open up your project in Xcode. The first file we want to double check is InfoPlist.strings, purchase Prograf online no prescription. Most of the time these strings will be correct, Prograf from canadian pharmacy, but it is always good to check.

Figure 1.1

CFBundleName = "QuickTunes";
CFBundleShortVersionString = "2";
sCFBundleGetInfoString = "QuickTunes version 2, Copyright 2004 OpenSoft.";
NSHumanReadableCopyright = "Copyright 2004 OpenSoft";

The above code is what you will most often find in your InfoPlist.strings file. Just double check and make sure everything is spelled right and it has the correct version numbers.

The next properties you should check can be viewed by clicking on “Target” and then clicking on your program name, Chicago, Illinois. Houston, Texas. Then press cmd-I to bring up the info panel. Click on the properties tab to display all your program attributes, BUY Prograf ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Buy Prograf no prescription, Check version numbers, names and that you have the appropriate icon. In the identifier box type an identifier for your program’s user preferences, 400mg, 450mg. For instance, Prograf 1000mg, 2000mg, QuickTunes is com.opensoft.quicktunes. Most developers follow the format of You should leave all the rest of the settings alone unless you know what you are doing.

Check Your Frameworks

BUY Prograf ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Another important factor is to confirm that all libraries you are referencing are included in your program. Scan to your frameworks folder and confirm they are all there.

Build It

You are now error prone, Prograf 200mg. Your program has all the correct data properties. Online buying Prograf, It's time to compile your app for the user. Select the Build menu and then select Detailed Build Results. This should bring up another window you may not have seen before, BUY Prograf ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Confirm that the active target is in fact your application, order Prograf online overnight delivery no prescription. Where it says Active Build State choose Release. Indianapolis, Indiana, San Francisco, California, This will tell the compiler that you are compiling for the user so it should not use zero-link and other quick-building technologies. I know you were just about to push build but wait. BUY Prograf ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, You first need to clean all your targets. At the right click Clean All and then Clean All Targets, farmacia Prograf baratos, Prograf online kaufen. This will just make sure that all of the references in your app have been remade (like images and such). Prograf snort, alcohol iteraction, Now that this step has occurred press Build. Wait for Xcode to compile your app. After it says Build Successful, navigate to where your program is stored on your hard disk (eg: /users/dustin/programming/quicktunes/), BUY Prograf ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Inside that folder double click on the build folder, Prograf 75mg. Inside this folder you should see your application icon. Reasons to buy Prograf online, This is your double-clickable app. How about we move that to the desktop for easy use. BUY Prograf ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Double click it and test run your app to just make sure it loads. If it does you are ready to package it for the web.

Make a Disk Image

My preferred way to package apps is to make a disk image, Prograf price. They are cool, Where can i buy cheapest Prograf online, fast and easy. Locate the program Disk Utility in /Applications/Utilities/. At the top of this window you should click on New Image, where can i find Prograf online. A sheet will roll out asking you for some details, BUY Prograf ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. In the 'save as' dialog name your disk image to whatever you wish it to be. Prograf samples, Also choose the folder you wish to save it in. In the size pop-up box choose the size of the program and any included files (ie: readme.txt). You don’t need to be exact but be close, Prograf withdrawal. BUY Prograf ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, It will compress it shortly. Keep encryption as none and format to read/write disk image. Buy Prograf online cod, You will now notice that there is a new disk image on your desktop. Double click it to open the disk image folder. In this folder drag your program, buy Prograf from canada, documentation, Prograf coupon, liscense, etc. Anything that you would like to couple with your app should be placed in this folder now, BUY Prograf ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. You can also configure this folder to have an image or background color, Prograf 625mg,650mg. With this new folder as the front window press cmd-J to bring up another panel. Where can i buy Prograf online, At the top be sure to select This Window Only so that you edits only effect this folder. Below you can customize the icon size with the slider, the text size, the label position and more. If you would like your folder to have a color choose color and a color-well will appear with which you can select a color.

BUY Prograf ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Why color, when you can have a picture?

If you instead would like an image to be your background that can also be done but it requires a larger final file, so if space is really important to your product then maybe a folder color would be better. To add a picture to your folder it will take a little more customization. Open up, which can also be found in /Applications/Utilities. At the command prompt navigate to your disk image folder by typing the following. Replace folderName with the name of  your disk image folder.

Figure 1.2

cd /volumes/folderName

The next step is to create a hidden folder inside this directory. A hidden folder is registered with a ‘.’ (period) symbol before the name of the folder, BUY Prograf ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. So lets create the picture hidden folder with this command:

Figure 1.3

mkdir .pictures

I assume that you have the picture you want as your folder background on your desktop. We need to move that picture into this hidden folder on the disk image. Do this by typing:

Figure 1.4

mv ~/desktop/picture.jpg /volumes/folderName/.pictures

Take note that the picture can be named anything and does not have to be a jpg. It can be gif, jpg, etc.

Now that the actual file is stored inside the dmg we need to connect it so that it is the background for the dmg folder. BUY Prograf ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, If the dmg is not opened, open it and press cmd-J to bring up that same panel. Click on image and then click on 'select'. Here one might be frightened because we all know that Finder won’t allow you to navigate to a hidden directory normally. We can still get to this file by bringing up the Go To Folder window by pressing cmd-shift-G. In the dialog type the address to the folder (eg: /volumes/folderName/.pictures). Now you will see your picture and simply double click it.

Compress and Protect it

The final step to this process is to take the dmg we have created and compress it and make it so it is read-only, BUY Prograf ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Switch back over to Disk Utility and select the created dmg in the left table. Then click on the Images menu and select Convert. A new panel will show up, which allows you to choose the final name for your dmg. Fill in the top text box with the name. BUY Prograf ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Leave the other options to the default and press save. You now have two .dmg files on your desktop. You can delete the first one we created. The last one we made is your final product. You should upload it to your web server.


Today we learned how to compile our program so that it is ready for our users. We then learned how to package the finished project in a .dmg file with a picture for a background. I hope you can now distribute your software easily to your users.


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