BUY Otibact ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, I was scanning through my site logs and stumbled accross some suspect google searches that lead to my site. Here's a break down:

4 for allinurl index.php?page=1 for allinurl php?page=1 for index.php?page=1 for allinurl .php?page= .php1 for allinurl .php?page=

That's 8 for just this past month of Feb, Otibact in cats, dogs, children. Boston, Massachusetts. Charlotte, Carolina, What are they searching for. Basically, Fort Worth, Texas. Denver, Colorado, Buy Otibact from canada, these crackers are looking for an insecure php website that allows these clowns to run their code on your server. If you don't know what php is, Indianapolis, Indiana, San Francisco, California, Otibact 100mg, get on over to and find out. Alot of tutorials on the web guide noobies along on how to create a template based php design, BUY Otibact ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. The goal for these types of tutorials is that the webmaster creates one index.php file, purchase Otibact online no prescription. Otibact 800mg, 875mg, 900mg, This file contains all the graphics and creates a container around the actually content of the page. For instance, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Las Vegas, Nevada, Buy Otibact from mexico, visit OpenSoft Dev. My software site uses this design, Baltimore, Maryland. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. BUY Otibact ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Everything is created in the index.php file and then the content page (Home Page, About Page, Products Page, etc) is inserted in the middle. Online buying Otibact, The php way to do this is through the code:

include 'products.php';

This code will load the php file inside the other php file. This is a great concept, köpa Otibact online, Osta Otibact online, Jotta Otibact verkossa. New York. Los Angeles, California, It allows the designer to only create one page template. Then, buy Otibact without prescription, Japan, craiglist, ebay, hcl, whenever the template needs to be changed, you can change it only once, where can i buy Otibact online. The problem from this is how most people carry out the actual page chooser, BUY Otibact ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Buy Otibact online cod, The typical way to easily insert the wanted page inside the container is below (I'm breaking it up to describe what is going on):

This code will typically come very near the top. The $_GET function will pull the parameter from the URL, kjøpe Otibact online, bestill Otibact online. Otibact 150mg, Have you ever seen those urls like

In this url, there would be 3 parameters, online buy Otibact without a prescription, Otibact 1000mg, 2000mg, "q," "t, Detroit, Michigan, San Jose, California, Købe Otibact online, αγοράζουν online Otibact, " and "s." In php these parameters are then pulled and put into our variable $place. Next, buy generic Otibact, Jacksonville, Florida, Columbus, Ohio, we put this code where we want our inner pages to be displayed:

include $place;

Sirens ring. BUY Otibact ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, You've just been tricked. You will become the favorite target of many lame hackers around, 400mg, 450mg. Buy Otibact without a prescription, If you don't see the problem, imagine this, Otibact 625mg,650mg. 0.4mg, 0.5mg, 1mg, 2.5mg, Some cracker comes along. Types into google: allinurl index.php?page=. He then looks around smugly, BUY Otibact ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. He finds your url (lets imagine its He comes to your homepage:

He simply alters the url a little to be:

Screwed. The $place will equal that url he typed, and then you just include that code from some random server onto your server and execute it. It could be anything. BUY Otibact ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, So, what do we do. I actually had this happen to me last summer. Luckily the crackers didn't screw with anything, so it was ok. Here's the fix:

else if($page=="home") { include "home.php"; }else if($page=="about") { include "about.php"; }else if($page=="products") { include "products.php"; }else if($page=="developers") { include "developers.php"; }else { echo "SCREW YOU HACKERS!!. or possibly the user typedthe url wrong, so probably a 404 would be better"; }?>

This is a little less clean, but it will keep your servers clean and protected. What we do here is simply limit what strings are allowed. We only allow the $page to be our allowed strings, and we only include the specified php files on our local server.

I hope ya'll will use php templating carefully and use this as a guide to help keep your servers safe.


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